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Zara's Eid with Khaadi

Eid is around the corner, and it's time to elevate your festive wardrobe with our latest signature ready to wear collection. At Khaadi, we understand the essence of Eid: celebrating in style with vibrant colours and dress designs. Take Zara’s lead and mark your calendar with our stunning array of summer-friendly Eid outfits that are perfect for all your festive gatherings.

Our Eid Collection is designed to make you feel confident, elegant, and effortlessly chic. From embroidered kurtas to printed dupattas and stylish pants, we have curated a selection of ready made dresses that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you're attending Eid lunches, dinners, or anything in between, our signature collection offers something special for every occasion.

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Classic, festive and vibrant

Step into Eid ul Fitr with confidence and style by exploring our range of vibrant colours and traditional prints. 

For Zara, Eid is all about dressing up. Celebrate Eid your way with our ready to wear outfits made for summer. Our signature Eid collection features light silk and organza in a range of deep rich to bright tones and neutral colours, a whole range of Eid dresses for you to choose from. Complemented by classic embroideries, these traditional yet modern fits are the perfect go-to when it comes to Eid-hopping and finding your individual style.

Pair your Eid outfits with matching dupattas, pants, or shalwars to create a complete look that's both chic and summer-friendly.

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All things bright and colourful

Whether it’s about dressing up in block prints or eating delicious food, Eid means something different to everyone. For Zara, Eid is a time to celebrate by doing things that make her happy – whether it’s dressing up in her favourite Khaadi outfit or enjoying meals, spending time with loved ones or even just soaking up the sunshine. To make it easier for you, we’ve curated an Eid Collection that paints the perfect picture for all your festivities and day-to-night plans. Whether you want to choose a neutral tone for an early Eid brunch or bright yellow embroidered look for a classic Eid lunch with your family or a dark blue printed fit for dinner with your friends, we’ve got your back.

Do what brings you peace and makes your Eid holidays special because at Khaadi we believe in making your Eid traditions your own and celebrating your way.

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Colour your Eid moments

Take some festive inspiration from Zara and make this Eid all about everything you love with Khaadi. Eat, chill and share moments of joy with your loved ones all while dressed up in our signature ready to wear Eid collection, featuring traditional embroideries on classic and contemporary outfits of silk and organza. 

From delicious feasts to relaxed gatherings, let Khaadi online be your guide to create unforgettable memories and moments filled with laughter and love.