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Go Where Your Heart Takes You This Spring

As we bid farewell to winter, our wardrobe undergoes a vibrant transformation inspired by the spirit of spring. All our sweaters, cardigans, shawls and waistcoats find their way back into our closet. In this season of renewal, it’s time for our closets to come alive with a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and textures that showcase the bright natural world full of travels and stories. People replace khaddar with lawn and cambric – that's how you know winter is over.

Step into spring with Khaadi's ready to wear collection that echoes the statement, ‘Go Where Your Heart Skips a Beat’, bringing a mix of colours like reds, greens, blues and yellows to the forefront. This season, Khaadi paints a picture of an easy-going vibe with floral prints on co-ord sets, kurtas and pants, making every outfit a fun treat to wear wherever you want to go and explore the things that breathe life into your everyday activities.

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Enter: Spring 2024

Welcome the warmth of spring, with a burst of buzzing colours. Imagine yourself in a bright multi-coloured lawn kurta with a vibrant mix of red, yellow, green and black – the kind that sparks excitement and adventure. It's not just about the colours; it's an invitation to go where you are celebrated, setting the tone for your spring escapades with prints inspired by truck art that feature upbeat embellishments and bright Uzbek motifs which bring your outfit to life this season.

Think of the colours on the kameez as a reflection of the changing seasons – a way nature tells its story. Each colour plays a part in this seasonal transition, turning the outfit into a vibrant celebration of spring.

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, adds a burst of positivity to the collection, bringing warmth and brightness to your wardrobe. It's not just an outfit; it's an ode to sunny days and the places that make you happy. This ready to wear collection by Khaadi gives you the freedom to explore things that excite you, designed and tailored for your adventures, with colours for every step of the way that include blue, red, green and hints of orange.

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Co-ords with Collars

Bright days call for an ever brighter look. This Khaadi co-ord features greens and pink floral patterns capture the energy of the season and call you to follow your heart to fun hideaways.

Featuring a winged collar for a chic touch, this kurta and shalwar effortlessly exude a smart and trendy vibe that incorporates the theme of spring freshness with embroidered and printed floral designs, adding a stylish flair to the look. The choice of collar, combined with the rose motifs, creates a harmonious blend of contemporary fashion and the zest for life. The outfit's bright and bold hues of hot pink resonate with the spirit of spring, making it a visual representation of the changing season. As winter tones gracefully change into the vibrant colours of spring, this co-ord set becomes a stylish statement that embodies a renewal with fabrics such as lawn and cambric.

This seasonal look is not just about clothing; it's a celebration of style and the start of a fashion bloom.

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Go Where You Shine

Here’s a fun fact: just like we change our clothes with the seasons, certain fabrics are made for specific times of the year. In spring, fabrics like lawn and cambric are like a breath of fresh air – light and comfortable, perfect for the season. Think of these as your go-to outfits for spring adventures, where every colour and fabric thread tells a simple and joyful tale.

In a nutshell, this spring collection available at Khaadi online is all about embracing the hues of red, green, blue, and yellow, sprinkled with floral prints and tassel details on lawn, cambric, dobby and crosshatch which goes with the 'Follow Your Heart' theme. Let your wardrobe tell the story of your adventures, where each outfit becomes a friendly companion on your journey of self-expression and joy. 

If you’re inspired by spring vibes and want to create your own look, dive into our Print Story lawn collection to explore a variety of unstitched fabrics. Let the style adventure begin with fabric fits that are made for you.