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Dress All Year-Round with Our Fabrics

Dive into a kaleidoscope of colours and prints with Khaadi Print Story spring fabrics collection, which is a vibrant celebration that caters to every taste and style preference. Whether you're drawn to the delicate charm of floral patterns or the intricate beauty of embroidered designs, each fabric unfolds a unique tale of creativity and expression. Balancing both tradition with modern trends, there are a range of options to choose from. Whether you want 2 piece suits or 3 piece fabrics with tops, bottoms and dupattas; the best part is you can find them online with just a click away.

With fabrics suited for every occasion, you can pick and choose your favourites from our unstitched collection, be it for winter, summer or spring, there are textures, embellishments, prints and embroideries that define the look of the season. Keeping in mind the latest trends, Khaadi online has tailored an experience for you to enjoy selecting your look depending on the type of material and weather, with bright colours suited for spring, pastels for summer and deeper tones for winter.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the fabric that’s a perfect match for you, depending on the season.

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Warming Up with Khaddar

When the frosty winds start to blow, there's nothing like the cosy comfort of khaddar. Known for its warmth and durability, khaddar fabrics from Khaadi are your go-to choice for winter. Imagine wrapping yourself in a snug khaddar ensemble, available in an array of rich, earthy tones that complement the season's ambiance.

In winter 2023, The Print Story introduced Volume II, featuring unstitched fabrics like light khaddar, khaddar, marina twill, cotton satin, and crosshatch which are perfect for the cold weather.

What makes this fabric collection special are the embroidered designs and captivating prints reflecting the seasonal mood. Each piece tells its own unique story, making the winter wardrobe more artistic and stylish. Whether it's the warm khaddar 3 piece suits or marina twill, these fabrics provide a canvas to express your style with a variety of colours and patterns. The collection offers a mix of deep reds, strong blues, and lively oranges to add a vibrant touch to your winter looks.

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Spring and Summer's Breath of Freshness with Cambric and Lawn

As the flowers pop up and the sun shines this spring, Khaadi's Print Story Collection is bursting with colours, from pink, yellow, and red to cool blues, greens, and whites, capturing the essence of spring and summer in your outfit.

Whether you love floral designs or embroidered patterns, our 3 piece and 2 piece fabrics have something for everyone. But we get it – choosing the right fabric can be tricky. That's why we have a bunch of exciting options to choose from. Find your perfect match for this season with must-have fabrics. Each material represents your spring style, whether you like comfortable lawn, mesmerising messuri or charming cambric. With Khaadi’s Lawn Collection, get ready to welcome a variety of bright and bold spring fabrics. Plus, you can find them already stitched to perfection and ready to wear online – for your convenience. So, get ready to spice up your wardrobe with Khaadi online’s latest feature – tailored and stitched 3 piece suits straight from The Print Story lawn collection. Now there’s no need to stress about getting your outfit made, you can just grab your favourite ready to wear fabrics.

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Autumn's Dobby Charm

As the leaves start their colourful dance to the ground, it's time to say goodbye to lawn and update your closet with dobby. Khaadi’s unstitched collections present a palette of warm tones and inviting colours like orange, purple, green, red, and black. These fabrics featuring add an elegant touch to your fall wardrobe, offering a seamless transition from summer to fall.

Dobby, as an unstitched fabric, takes centre stage in offering endless possibilities for self-expression in fashion. Infused with the essence of fall, Khaadi’s unstitched fabrics become showcase the rich and warm colours that represent the season. Each thread weaves a story of cosy evenings, crisp air, and the vibrant colours that define fall. In addition to capturing the spirit of spring, these unstitched fabrics empower you to embrace and celebrate the beauty of autumn with every stitch. You can share your own print story with the world by bringing the colours of fall and seasonal trends into your wardrobe that define your personal style.

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Step Into the New Season in Style

Khaadi online offers a vibrant and diverse spectrum of choices for every season and occasion. Whether you're diving into the kaleidoscope of colors and prints in our Print Story spring fabrics collection or exploring the versatility of our unstitched collection for winter, summer and spring, we've got you covered. From delicate floral patterns to intricate embroidered designs, our fabrics tell tales of creativity and expression.

So, let your style story unfold with Khaadi’s exciting collections that seamlessly blend timeless traditions and upcoming trends for every season and style.