About Us

If you know you know! If you know us you will know Khaadi is the leading fashion brand in Pakistan with over 50 stores across the country. Internationally we are building our reputation as the go to for Eastern Fashion. We have stores across UK and the Middle East. We serve our customers globally through our online stores.
Join us to be part of a growing business. We operate at international standards with a family feel culture. With entrepreneurial leadership, new ideas and practices are experimented. We are constantly evolving and bettering ourselves and we love to hire people who can bring a new perspective. Every employee has the opportunity to learn the full business practices and operations regardless of their role. We are generous sharing our knowledge with those who want to learn. It is a fast paced job and we need adaptable and flexible people with a great attitude.

About Us
Sales Team

Sales Team

Our sales team is our business. We rely on you to deliver the objectives to grow our business. The role is fully customer facing and is very active and you will be moving all day. It is busy and fast paced. What we want from you:

  • Friendly, positive and calm – even when it is very busy and demanding
  • Great communication skills – someone who can listen to the customers and make sure they get what they want as quickly as possible
  • Excellent team worker who is helpful, reliable, responsible, conscientious, and keeps the team up to date


Graduates and School Leavers

We know leaving education can be daunting. We also know that you will be full of ideas and ambition. You may not know exactly where you want your career to go, many of us still don’t! That doesn’t matter though as we will train you in different aspects of the business. Starting on the shop floor you will learn customer service and team work. You will start to understand the reason for standard procedures, policy and how this impacts the brand reputation. From there you will build up knowledge in stock management and visual merchandising, understand how to maximize sales through clever placement of stock. We offer leadership training for those interested in management roles and we also offer secondments in other regions and countries for those interested in the support function roles.


Retail Management

The Store Manager is responsible for all the store operations. Working within policy, we want the Store Managers to feel responsible for the store profitability like it is their own business. The Store Manager has decision making in hiring, visual merchandising, training needs and we take your feedback on board to improve processes. With a lot of trust given to our managers we empower them to make the best decisions for the business. What we want from you:

  • Leadership and being the excellent example for the team
  • Self driven
  • Trust worthy
  • Reliable
  • Customer Focused

Temporary and Part Time work

Not everyone can commit to full time work or for a long period of time. We understand that and we want to make sure we can be inclusive and adaptable to meet your personal life demands. We do ask though whilst you are on duty you give us your full attention and commitment, working hard and being quick to pick up practices.



Hira Sales Executive, Part Time

The best thing about working for Khaadi is Representing my culture my city my roots. I feel proud and take prestige to represent our Pakistani clothes.


Waqas Shop Incharge

Working in Khaadi is amazing, a lot of experience and knowledge gained. Healthy and friendly environment to work, Management is so helpful.


Eloise Operations Manager

Khaadi to me is an exciting place to work. For those who want to succeed, this is the right place. No matter what position you are in, your name will be heard by the senior management if you are proactive and hardworking. Many of our management team have worked their way up the career ladder with us.


Elizabeth Business Support Officer

I love that Khaadi gives you the opportunity to travel and work with different people. Khaadi is an international business with operations over the world.


Hamza Ecommerce Manager

The people I’m surrounded with challenge you in a constructive ways which helps you grow professionally. Also the bond that we, as a team, share has strengthened. over time and it feels like being a part of family where everyone holds a corner to make it complete.